Deepmind AI beats humans in multiplayer Quake 3

Recent progress in artificial intelligence through reinforcement learning (RL) has shown great success on increasingly complex single-agent environments and two-player turn-based games. However, the real world contains multiple agents, each learning and acting independently to cooperate and compete with other agents, and environments reflecting this degree of complexity remain an open challenge. In this work, we demonstrate for the first time that an agent can achieve human-level in a popular 3D multiplayer first-person video game, Quake III Arena Capture the Flag, using only pixels and game points as input.

Source: Capture the Flag: the emergence of complex cooperative agents | DeepMind

Teaching Robots to learn like Human Children

Learning a new skill by observing another individual, the ability to imitate, is a key part of intelligence in human and animals. Such a capability would make it dramatically easier for us to communicate new goals to robots – we could simply show robots what we want them to do, rather than teleoperating the robot or engineering a reward function (an approach that is difficult as it requires a full-fledged perception system). Many prior works have investigated how well a robot can learn from an expert of its own kind (i.e. through teleoperation or kinesthetic teaching), which is usually called imitation learning.

Source: One-Shot Imitation from Watching Videos

Pop Out Protection for Your Mobile Phone

That moment when you drop your phone and everything stops. You can hear your heart beat — the buzz of the world around you is silenced — all cognition stops — you see as if in slow motion the pirouette of your $700 piece of electronics toward the cement. How will it land? Will you get lucky this time? Or is this it? But if you had this case on it, you’d then see it spring horns and land with a jaunty bounce.

Source: This clever case pops open to protect your phone when you drop it

Prototype Project – Dick Tracy Watch

Since the first comic strip appearance of Dick Tracy’s watch in 1946, its uniquely bold and classic look has made it one of the most recognizable timepieces.

But, for over 70 years, we’ve only been able to dream of owning one—until now!

By partnering with the official licensor, top-notch engineers, and a master watchmaker, our watch looks great, feels great, and makes the call—just like the real thing.

Source: Dick Tracy – The Official Watch

Flying Dragon Shapeshifting Robot

At JSK Lab at the University of Tokyo, roboticists have developed a robot called DRAGON, which (obviously) stands for for “Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGree-of-freedom aerial transformatiON.” It’s a modular flying robot powered by ducted fans that can transform literally on the fly, from a square to a snake to anything in between, allowing it to stretch out to pass through small holes and then make whatever other shape you want once it’s on the other side.

Source: Flying Dragon Robot Transforms Itself to Squeeze Through Gaps

IBM’s tiniest computer is smaller than a grain of rock salt

IBM has unveiled a computer that’s smaller than a grain of rock salt. It has the power of an x86 chip from 1990 and its transistor count is in the “several hundred” thousand range. That’s a far cry from the power of Watson or the company’s quantum computing experiments, but you gotta start somewhere. Oh, right: it also works as a data source for blockchain. Meaning, it’ll apparently sort provided data with AI and can detect fraud and pilfering, in addition to tracking shipments.

Source: IBM’s tiniest computer is smaller than a grain of rock salt

BitTorrent Selling for $140 Million

BitTorrent Inc, the parent company behind the popular file-sharing client uTorrent, recently made a deal to sell to Justin Sun, the founder of cryptocurrency TRON. According to new information, Sun has agreed to pay $140 million for the company. While no details have yet been confirmed, a shareholder notes that BitTorrent will in part be used to “legitimize” TRON’s business.

Source: BitTorrent Is Reportedly Selling for $140 Million (Update) – TorrentFreak