Captain Einstein Virtual Reality Trip

The theory of relativity is a beautiful theory that is fundamental to our understanding of nature at many different length and energy scales. Yet it’s not like we see much of it in everyday life. Enter Captain Maja Einstein! She takes you on a tourist boat trip in the city centre of Ghent, in a dreamworld with a slow speed of light. This brings relativity to a human scale, allowing for a direct experience of all its beautiful effects.

Source: Captain Einstein VR Boat Trip

Prototype Project – Dick Tracy Watch

Since the first comic strip appearance of Dick Tracy’s watch in 1946, its uniquely bold and classic look has made it one of the most recognizable timepieces.

But, for over 70 years, we’ve only been able to dream of owning one—until now!

By partnering with the official licensor, top-notch engineers, and a master watchmaker, our watch looks great, feels great, and makes the call—just like the real thing.

Source: Dick Tracy – The Official Watch